Students Guide to Landmark Congressional Laws on Social Security and Welfare

Student's Guide to Landmark Congressional Laws on Social Security and Welfare
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Organized topically for ease of use, this resource allows students to examine and compare the landmark laws on a particular topic across the breadth of American history through the year The landmark laws are organized into nine categories: internal security, symbolic speech, election campaign activities, obscenity, intellectual property, labor-management relations, federally funded programs, and freedom of religion. Each category opens with a general overview of the laws covered in that section and a brief summary of how they relate to each other.

The entry on each landmark law features a discussion of the historical background of the law, the intent and purpose of the law, an examination of the substance and impact of the law, and a carefully edited actual text of key passages of the law. Each entry concludes with a bibliography of recommended print sources and Web sites for students.

Social Security: The New Rules With Benefits Guru Mary Beth Franklin

An introductory overview of Congressional legislation on the First Amendment, followed by a detailed timeline of milestones in the history of Congressional legislation on First Amendment issues, put the topic in historical context for students. An appendix of tables of the statutes and cases with complete citations will aid student researchers.

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Covering such critically important laws as the Homestead Act of , the Social Security Act of , Medicare and Medicaid, the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act, and many others, this resource is perfect for students looking for a thorough and understandable examination of the laws that created America's social insurance system. America is a welfare state. Faced with seemingly insurmountable cultural, political, and constitutional obstacles, how did a welfare state actually come to be constructed in America?

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The laws in this volume provide an answer. Passar bra ihop. Not to mention other issues that crop up as people are living longer lives, he said. John Larson, D-Conn.

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It must be measured by standards that satisfy the First Amendment. Explain the functions, impact, and ideology of American political parties and their role in elections and government. The power of inquiry by congressional and state legislative committees in order to develop information as a basis for legislation is subject to some uncertain limitation when the power as exercised results in deterrence or penalization of protected beliefs, associations, and conduct. It is the investigative arm of Congress, serving both Republican and Democratic members. Objectives: Define government and explain its importance.

The Social Security Act looks to fix that by extending the solvency of the program into the next century. It also includes other changes, notably increasing payroll taxes while avoiding benefit cuts entirely. The plan also would increase the amount of non-Social Security income one can earn before benefits begin to be taxed. It also calls for increased payroll contributions from workers and employers. That rate would increase to 7.

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Student's Guide to Landmark Congressional Laws on Social Security and Welfare: [Steven G. Livingston] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Editorial Reviews. Review. "This volume provides a full discussion of the laws of America's Student's Guide to Landmark Congressional Laws on Social Security and Welfare - Kindle edition by Steven G. Livingston. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks.

The bill currently has more than co-sponsors in the House. Supporters plan to hold a markup of the legislation in the fall, and then move it to the House floor for a vote. Without any benefit cuts on the table, it will be difficult to get Republican support, experts say. What's more, legislators would have to feel some urgency to move on the issue. Johnson, director of the program on retirement policy at the Urban Institute.

Many so-called multiemployer pension plans are on the brink of running out of money.

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The House passed its answer to that problem, the Rehabilitation for Multiemployer Pensions Act, on July 24 in a vote. The new bill would let pensions borrow money to remain solvent so that they can continue to pay retirees. The legislation would create a Pension Rehabilitation Administration within the Treasury Department and a trust fund from which the loans would be distributed. Multiemployer pension plan sponsors would also still be eligible to apply for loans through the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, under certain conditions.

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It is projected that the PBGC will use up its assets for these plans by the end of Twenty-nine Republicans voted in favor of the House bill, Greszler said, which speaks to how common it is to have constituents affected by this. About 10 million individuals in the U. But the bill would have difficulty getting widespread Republican support, even though there is a related proposal on the Senate side.

That is because it could be perceived as a bailout. If politicians decide help private sector workers, then they will also have to do the same for other workers such as retired firefighters and teachers who are in danger of losing their state and local pensions.

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The reason multi-employer pension plans are under pressure is mostly driven by economic forces such as the contraction of certain industries like steel or transportation, not bad actors who took unnecessary risks, Johnson said. Ami Bera, D-Calif.

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This bill would allow individuals who are on Medicare to continue to contribute to health savings accounts. Currently, they are prohibited from doing so. Another proposal by Rep. A current rule, the Windfall Elimination Provision, reduces their benefits based on how much pension income they receive.

Congress is considering big changes to the way you retire. Here's what could make the cut

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