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Bookseller Inventory M1. Pain always has a purpose. It will not go away, without doing its work. Apparently God is pleased with people who suffer terribly, but who keep on trusting. What the Bible wants us to hope for in this life is very different from what most of us think. Some of our fondest dreams will shatter, and we will be tempted to lose hope. God will seem callous, or worse — weak; unresponsive to our pain. I will satisfy that longing.

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You have the power to represent Me well no matter what happens in your life. God could have done something, but He did nothing. Why is God so inconsistent, so maddeningly unpredictable? A faithful missionary for sixty years recently died an agonizing death from lung cancer.

He had never smoked a day in his life. All I can feel is darkness! It was extremely difficult. Shattered dreams are necessary for spiritual growth.

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As a result, our worship, our community, and our witness are weak. That experience, strange at first, will eventually be recognized as joy.

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In His mercy, God takes away the good to create an appetite for the better. Furthermore, we will never really truly worship. Happiness must be stripped away, before joy can surface. When this kind of happiness is not experienced, life can be very depressing actually, downright miserable. Happiness is taken away, and is replaced by despair. God is working when we see nothing but darkness. Jesus taught the opposite — His way is to awaken a passion within the soul that transcends all other passions. So instead of deadening the pain, He emphasized deepening the desire.

Life is suffering — suffering is the gap between what we desire and what we experience. The way to end suffering is to end desire — if you want nothing, then nothing can disturb you. Jesus directs us to a different path. He tells us to not let our hearts be troubled; He teaches that —. Life includes suffering, but life is good — in this world everyone will suffer tribulation.

The cause of all suffering is separation from God —we are deceived into looking elsewhere for joy. The way to handle suffering is to discover your desire for God — then everything, both good and bad, becomes redemptive; everything moves us toward the God we desire. The new life provided through Jesus must be accepted as a gift of love — we spend the rest of our days discovering our desire to know God better, and we come to realize it is a desire whose satisfaction no shattered dream can thwart.

Be completely honest with yourself and God. Every Christian, no matter the depth of his pain, can discover that desire. It takes time, agonizing time, characterized more by despair than hope, but discovery can be made. The desire will surface like bubbling water from a spring that can no longer be held back. People who insist on happiness never find joy; they only allow themselves to feel those desires that are met. The effect is to feel happy for a season, but it is a selfish happiness. Desperate people discover that desire — happy contented people never do. Wisdom knows the deep workings of the hungry, hurting, sin-inclined soul and patiently follows as the Spirit moves quietly in those depths, gently nudging people toward God.

There is no Concorde that flies us from immaturity to maturity in a few hours — there is only a narrow, bumpy road where a few people walk together as they journey to God. Naomi was on that path. God never stops His work of making His children aware of a dream that remains alive beneath the rubble of every shattered dream, a new dream that when realized will release a new song of joy in our hearts.

The function of pain is to carry us into the inner recesses of our being that wants God. He is all we need.

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The Labor Department therefore receives, in addition to the annual reports of pension plans, complaints about them and appeals for help. How does he put his head on a pillow, knowing that you have men walking the streets? Therefore, if you want to know God, welcome shattered dreams. He typically remains aloof. He has always been there, but now I can see His kind heart at work.

Whatever brings satisfaction relieves pain for the moment, then creates deeper emptiness, that in turn clamors for even greater relief — the will then becomes a slave to whatever god makes us feel better. The decision to live for whatever brings instant pleasure turns us into addicts alcohol, porn, being obsessed with growing great kids, closing the next big deal, accomplishing the next big task, etc.

The flaw is in the premise — God wants us happy. Our generation wants what it wants now.

Unsatisfied desire has become to us like a bad toothache that demands quick relief at any cost. His absence becomes obvious, and we discover how badly we long to know Him. It is this frustration of our desire for God that deepens it. Naomi endured ten years of pain and suffering.

But it is in the midst of pain that she ultimately discovered her desire for God. It was then that she faced the truth that there was no other answer. To whom else could she go? Only God has the life our souls so desperately need. In the midst of our pain, we come to really believe that. So we abandon ourselves to Him.

There is no formula for making it happen. I demand nothing. I will wait for You. The more you are bothered by not finding Him, the more aware you are becoming how badly you want Him. Abandon yourself to Him.

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