Plasticity in Structural Engineering, Fundamentals and Applications

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Berger, O. Abstract The phase-field approach to predicting crack initiation and propagation relies on a damage accumulation function to describe the phase, or state, of fracturing material. Thin-Walled Structures 32 — Numerical modelling of the structural behaviour of thin-walled cast magnesium components. Ultimate compressive strength of plate elements in aluminium: Correlation of finite element analyses and tests. Approximate methods - Rayleigh Ritz, Galerkins approach - Numerical Techniques - Finite difference method - Effect of shear on buckling.

If you have forgotten your password click here to reset it! Basic Laws of Plasticity. Strain-hardening Plasticity. Cyclic Loading of Structures.

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Uniqueness and Stability. Problems in Plane Stress: Formulation of the Problem.

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Discontinuities and Necking. Yielding of Notched Bars. Bending of Prismatic Beams. Limit Analysis of a Hollow Plate. Hole Expansion in an Infinite Plate. Stretch Forming of Sheet Metals. Deep Drawing of Cylindrical Cups. Ironing and Flange Wrinkling. Slipline Fields and Indentations.

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Plasticity in Structural Engineering, Fundamentals and Applications. Plasticity in Structural Engineering, Fundamentals and Applications. Authors; ( view affiliations). Ch. Massonnet; W. Olszak; A. Phillips. Book. 4 Citations · 4.

Necking of a Cylindrical Bar. Compression of Short Cylinders.

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Drawing of Thin-walled Tubes. Extrusion of Cylindrical Billets. Mechanics of Wire Drawing. Some Three-dimensional Problems. Deflections of Circular Plates. Plastic Collapse of Non-Circular Plates.

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Plane Strain Analogy in Plate Bending. Minimum Weight Design of Plates. Cylindrical, Folded plate and hyper- prefabricated shells, Erection and jointing, joint design, hand book based design. Warszawski, A. Chakrabarti, S. James F. Reddy, D.

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V and Swamidas A. CRC Press. Natarajan C and Revathi P.

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Moshe F. Reddy C. Laterally loaded thin plates, governing differential equation, various boundary conditions. Ansel C. Chandrashekahara, K.

Szilard, R. P, and Krieger S. Angle-ply and cross ply laminates — Static, Dynamic and Stability analysis for Simpler cases of composite plates, Interlaminar stresses.

Hyer M. Estech Publications Inc. Jones R. High rise behaviour, Rigid frames, braced frames, In filled frames, shear walls, coupled shear walls, wall-frames, tubulars, cores, outrigger - braced and hybrid mega systems. Lin T. Taranath B. Manohar S. Santhakumar A. Srinivasulu P and Vaidyanathan. Transfer of prestress — Box girders. Partial prestressing - its advantages and applications. Arthur H. Chand and Co. Effect of cyclone on claddings — design of cladding — use of code provisions in cladding design — Analytical procedure and modeling of cladding.

V, Pirner. M, Fischer. O and Naprstek. Lawson T. Fertis, D. Bearing capacity of soil - plate load test — Design of reinforced concrete isolated, strip, combined and strap footings — mat foundation. Foundation for concrete Towers, chimneys — Design of anchors- Reinforced earth retailing walls. Differential calculus - Optimality criteria - Single variable optimization - Multivariable optimization with no constraints - Lagrange Multiplier method - with inequality constraints Khun - Tucker Criteria. Unconstrained optimization Techniques. P to a set of simultaneous equations - Unconstrained and constrained problems with zero difficulty - Concept of solving problems with one degree of difficulty.

R and Gupta. Johnson R. I, Blackwell Scientific Publications, Oehlers D.

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W and Knowles. Johnson Victor, D. New Delhi, Ponnuswamy, S. Raina V. Ramasamy, G. Non Linear Analysis using Design software.